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Own a Just Better Care Franchise

Explore community care ownership

Just Better Care is one of Australia’s largest franchised providers of in-home care and support. The company has been in operation since 2005, drawing from the collective knowledge and experience of over 35 existing territories across Australia.

We assist customers to live in their own home, keeping them safe and connected to their community. We are flexible, respecting the diversity of our clients, their needs and preferences and provide innovative solutions, supporting many thousands of customers across the country every day.

Whether you are an existing customer, associate or business contact of ours, a current or former employee, or someone researching viable franchise business opportunities, Just Better Care is a trusted brand that people want to be a part of. It also helps that we provide a wide range of services within an extremely large and growing marketplace and that we also have multiple new franchise territory opportunities across the country ready to be developed.

People are drawn to Just Better Care from all walks of life

Entrepreneurs, industry consultants, nurses, care executives and workers, corporate managers and allied health professionals are just a few examples. All of them were looking for more control, flexibility and purpose. Ultimately, they all saw the appeal of a proven industry and business model that had fewer limitations than some traditional franchise systems, but that still carried less risk than an independent start-up business. One of Just Better Care’s strengths is its industry specific business operating systems along with quality franchise training and Franchisor support. 

We explain this and answer many common questions in our 4 simple steps to Franchise Ownership, plus FAQs. So please take the time to find out more and get started today.

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